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Can I order a custom piece?


Yes, please use the inquiry form, and I will get back to you with a price estimate. Please also see the section below for general pricing estimates. I will do my best to meet any deadlines hoped for. 

Can you recreate an old piece? 


While I can and have recreated pieces in the past, I like to respect the unique nature of each piece by not recreating it with the exact same line or colours. I can do something similar enough.


Does the art come with a frame? 


Canvas pieces do not come with a frame. Paper pieces sometimes come with a frame, so please check the product details prior to purchase. A frame can be requested at an additional cost. 

How much is a custom piece?

These are estimates for how much your order might cost, but please communicate any budget needs. 


Request an estimate HERE


Round Canvas 円形キャンバス

  • XS 15cm 18000

  • S 20cm 24000

  • M 25cm 30000

  • L 30cm 36000

  • XL 40cm 48000

  • XXL 50cm 60000

  • XXL 60cm 72000


Long Canvas 縦長キャンバス

  • 20x60 cm (single piece)   40,000 JPY

Washi 和紙

  • A4 20,000 yen

  • A3 30,000 yen 

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traditional canvas sizes

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