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March 31, 2022

I had the pleasure of watching Kenfrog doodle and received mini arts from him before. I was excited when he went all in for his art and started selling. I was pregnant with my first child when he created a dreamy piece that reminded me instantly of Le Petit Prince. I purchased it immediately for my son’s future nursery. I know he’ll love examining the intricate brand of filigree Kenfrog does and dreaming about other worlds.

Kenfrog took great care of my reserved piece through COVID and moving homes. It was shipped promptly to me as soon as shipping delays were over, well packaged with a cute gift. It was exactly as pictured but dreamier. Hope to commission a piece in the future!


April 6, 2022

I am so grateful for my custom Ken Tanaka artwork. Ken really helped me explore creative ideas in the custom design process and painted a stunning piece with wonderful shapes, textures and colours. The artwork really brightens my home and many friends ask about the story behind it. I would highly recommend his skill and vision.


March 7, 2022

I bought this delightful "Kenfrog" Cluster several years ago. I smile each time I walk past it on my wall. Made just for me, so it holds lots of meaning, and memories of times spent with Ken in Tokyo. Thank you Ken!


April 20, 2022

Ken's art is a magical flow from his mind to canvas. Never knowing which way the pen will go or creation has yet to be born...everytime.



April 22, 2022

It was my first time commissioning art and I was worried that I didn’t have a specific enough idea in my mind of what I wanted. However, Ken took the time to video chat with me so he could get to know what kind of colour story and themes that suit me and to See the space it would feature in. After that he kept me up to date with every step in the process and made sure I was heavily involved in the process and he managed to create and deliver my finished piece far quicker than I expected. If you want a beautiful, one of the kind piece of art, I couldn’t recommend a more professional, friendly and talented guy! The final work exceeded my expectations.


April 23, 2022

You will literally not believe how beautiful these are in person. I've been following Ken for a while on Instagram now, and finally reached out and asked for a custom piece. Not only was he ridiculously expedient and got the piece done/shipping sent out in less than two weeks, but the quality of the piece when it arrived was ASTOUNDING. The level of detail and craftsmanship is beyond me; I can (and do) stare at it for hours and not get bored. I'm planning on buying an entire collection in the future!


April 25, 2022

[Ken's] intricate and delicate ink work is mesmerizing and whimsical to look at. I commissioned a large round canvas with ink work inspired by my pet geckos and favorite plant and could not be more pleased and blown away with the finished piece. He included me throughout the process of his creation and his prices were incredibly agreeable for the unique piece that you get."


​May 2, 2022 

Ken has an unmistakable and unique style, and I’m addicted. I commissioned a couple of custom pieces with him, and he did not disappoint. They are displayed proudly and prominently in my collection.



April 23, 2022

I asked Ken to create an art work that evoked both the mountains and yet the tropics because that’s where i come from. the colors were a revelation to me. Ken suggested a practical way that I could frame and display this at home.


May 7, 2022

Ken Frog’s artwork tells a beautiful story. A piece that symbolized my wife and I’s journey was a first year anniversary gift that conveys the idea, “a perfect love casts out fear.” A vulnerable and transparent piece that resonated with us as we too walked out of fear into our prescribed perfect love.







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