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the artist

My name is Ken. I grew up in Fukuoka with four sisters and two brothers. I loved drawing from a young age, but being inept with sketching and figure drawing, I'd settle instead for drawing funny-looking aliens in their martian habitats.

At 18, I moved to Tokyo where I was an English tutor, machinery salesman, cooking instructor, and customer service manager in industries ranging from online travel agency, to airline, to cryptocurrency. After hours were spent scribbling my floral drawings on the backs of coasters in bars. In the summer of 2021, I decided to quit my job and focus primarily on my art.

Each of my artworks is created a small, self-contained, living world where it is beautiful and safe, and it is my sincere hope to share these little worlds with you.


Ken Tanaka





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the art

While my artwork does involve a degree of planning, I try to mimic the arbitrary nature of flora by going into every piece with very few ideas as to how the end result will look and taking the process one flower, one branch, one vine and mushroom at a time. I like to think that the character of my pieces comes from relinquishing direction. 

I know a piece is done when it needs just a little more to complete it. That is when it is time to put the pens away.




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What I do


  • art commissions オリジナルアート依頼

  • art exhibits 展示会

  • live art performances ライブアート

  • art classes and sessions 絵画教室・セッション

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Why I Draw

A short film produced and directed by Kyle McCloskey 2021, where I talk about why I draw, and why art brings me joy.

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The Voice of Tokyo episode 2

I was featured as the subject for Tokyo Weekender's Youtube series "The Voice of Tokyo" where I talk about the relationship between my art and my communication style, accepting myself as an artist (an ongoing process), and my love of frogs. The video was produced and directed by videographer Lisa Knight.
(April 2022)

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Ken Tanaka has been an instructor at Artbar Tokyo since 2018.

Visit the site directly to book a session with Ken and learn to recreate your original piece with his signature floral motif style. 

Ken's classes are available in Harajuku (Cat Street) and Daikanyama. 

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