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In these session, I take you through some of my simple techniques to create intricate, stunning floral pen drawings contained in circles. The session is open to artists both beginner and advanced. 


The process is spontaneous and meditative. I’ll show you how I create contrast, balance, and space to make something organic and personal. 


Please note that this is a group session with a max occupancy of 5 persons.


The venue, Studio Biku is a 7 minute walk from Shimokitazawa station.


No upcoming events at the moment

個別アートセッション (問い合わせフォーム)

120 minutes

1 person: 7000 yen/person

2-3 people: 5000 yen/person

4-5 people: 4000 yen/person

Private sessions at your home can be one time only, or on a regular basis.

A personalized course can be created after a consultation. 

This is not a booking form. This is just to make an inquiry.




Desired session frequency 希望の頻度

Ken will contact you shortly. 今しばらく返信をお待ちください。

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